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Gift Certificate 2015 Fleur de California Pinot Noir Rosé North Coast
2015 Fleur Pinot Noir Rosé -- SOLD OUT --
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The 2015 Fleur Pinot Noir Rosé shows off the new Fleur package design featuring artwork from Milly Acharya. This wine screams spring and now, so does the beautiful package. While the label is new, you will recognize the Pinot Noir statement that winemaker Ken Foster brings to this wine each vintage.

Some wineries make Rosé by taking free run juice (pre-fermented juice) away from their tanks so they can increase the skin-to-juice ratio in their regular wines and thus increase their density. Unfortunately, their Rosés suffer because their fruit profile has already turned from freshly picked berries into the jammy fruit character that isn't nearly as refreshing and bright.

Our Pinots are already packed with flavor (thanks to Francis and the vineyard team) and this means that Ken can make Rosé in the traditional manner. Early each harvest, Ken is out sampling the Pinot grapes we will use in the Rosé and these are generally the first grapes we bring into the cellar. By picking the grapes early, the resulting wine maintains its light, crisp mouthfeel and the fruit character is bright and fresh and this is what makes our Rosé such a joy to drink.
2013 Mahoney Vermentino Las Brisas Vineyard 2013 Mahoney Vineyards Chardonnay Gavin Vineyard
In 2003, we introduced this new varietal from Mahoney Vineyards and in the 13 years since, it has become one of our top sellers. We have received a fantastic response from those who discover this wine, and the press has been very kind to this wine too - The New York Times claimed it to be the #1 US made Vermentino.

Our 13th Anniversary release of this dry Italian Our Mahoney Vineyards Vermentino will be the traditional Vermentino our fans have come to love over the years. This Vermentino will retain all of its gorgeous varietal character and the citrus and mineral components will still shine through.
The Gavin Vineyard, located along the hillside behind our office, has received high praise over the years as a celebration of what Carneros Chardonnay should be.  The aromas of Granny Smith apple with high-toned citrus and a bright floral note jump out of the glass. On the palate the flavors mirror the aromatics, with apple and citrus notes balanced by a yeasty toast and delicate touch of French oak. Broad and smooth, yet crisp in all of the right places, our Gavin Vineyard Chardonnay is always a great companion to your table!

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