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In the early 1970's, Francis and Kathleen Mahoney built a small family winery in a region soon to become the Carneros Appellation. Their goal was to produce the very best Pinot Noir California could offer. Decades of experimentation in their certified sustainable vineyards and in the wine cellar have given the Carneros Wine Company team more experience than you'd find in operations ten times the size. Still going strong after all these decades, the  Mahoneys are proud to bring you their old-school, family-style wines crafted with love and care. 

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2013 Mahoney Vineyards Pinot Noir Mahoney Ranch 2015 Mahoney Vineyards Chardonnay Gavin Vineyard 2013 Mahoney Vermentino Las Brisas Vineyard
2013 Mahoney Pinot Noir Mahoney Ranch
List Price: $38.00
Regular Price: $38.00
2015 Mahoney Chardonnay Gavin Vineyard
List Price: $24.00
Regular Price: $24.00
2015 Mahoney Vermentino Las Brisas
List Price: $22.00
Regular Price: $22.00
2012 Mahoney Vineyards Pinot Noir Mahoney Ranch 2016 Fleur de California Pinot Noir Rosé North Coast Gift Certificate
2012 Mahoney Pinot Noir Mahoney Ranch
List Price: $38.00
Regular Price: $38.00
2016 Fleur Pinot Noir Rosé
List Price: $19.00
Regular Price: $19.00

The best way to understand our wines is to taste them. One of the best ways to taste them is to become a member in one of the wine clubs that automatically send you the newest releases. 

Our wine clubs offer discounts on all wine purchases, accruing rewards points to use for additional online discounts, special offers, and invitations to club events.

The Mahoney Family's certified sustainable vineyards in the Carneros region are the primary source of our wines, and the only source for the Mahoney Vineyards labeled wines. 

Francis and Kathy Mahoney are Napa Wine Country pioneers. From Pinot clonal trials to cover crop experimentation, few in the industry understand their vineyards as thoroughly as the Mahoneys. It is safe to say that even fewer have dedicated more of their time and passion to their vineyards.