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2016 Fleur de California Chardonnay 2017 Fleur de California Chardonnay Carneros
2016 Fleur Chardonnay
List Price: $17.00
Regular Price: $17.00
2017 Fleur Chardonnay Carneros Select
List Price: $20.00
Regular Price: $20.00
Sourced from California’s scenic North Coast appellation, the Fleur Chardonnay flourishes in the fog and windswept hillside vineyards. The cool growing climate allows the grapes to mature at a leisurely pace and that equates to wines with opulent fruit and wonderful richness. Aromas of apricots, honeysuckle and Comice pear draw you in, and creamy, soft texture leaves your palate cleansed and refreshed.

Introducing: Fleur Carneros Select

The 2017 Fleur Chardonnay Carneros takes on a slightly updated look. Now you'll know you have your hands on one of our Carneros classics by the strip label identifying the wine as "Carneros Select".

This Chardonnay has bright citrus, pear, and apple aromas that are accented with just a breath of French oak vanillin perfume. Once intrigued by the invitation of the aromatics, beautifully crisp and clean fruit spills across and envelops the palate with a perfectly balanced mouthfeel.